Monday, June 4, 2012

Day Two Ireland:  Woke up at 5:45 this morning, couldn't sleep and wakeup call was at 7 anyways so got up and got ready for the day.  We were offered a traditional Irish breakfast this morning, I did not eat the black or the white sausage that was offered, I haven't ever liked sausage so it wasn't something I wanted to try, even though Greta had told me that the white sausage was lovely. :)  I did try the rashers, the irish bacon which is shorter, thicker and very lean. I was imagining the small muscular pigs that they must have to create this bacon...I haven't seen them yet but if I do it will be a photo opportunity for sure!
After breakfast, we headed out for a scenic buhatsri around Dublin.  I managed to NOT get motion sickness today which was a big plus!  (First day twisty curvy hilly roads in a warm bus prell tty much did me in.) After a number of times of going around in circles, the driver finally dropped us off downtown to do our own investigating and shopping as we liked.  We set out on foot first as a group of 5 but were quickly split up and ended up as a group of 2 . Regina and I were left behind to the power walking team of three but we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the city browsing in shops and eventually ending up at St. Patricks Cathedral. What a beautiful and historic church it was.  Christopher Columbus was said to have stopped at this location when he was on his way to discovering America.
Once we finished up checking out the inside of the church, it was time to head back to the bus.  Since Regina was the navigator, she decided to take a different route back than what we had taken to get there. This resulted in us passing two lovely ladies of the evening, a building that had a fence with razor wire around it that I am convinced was a prison as well as a tattoo parlour!  I am certain that no one else on the bus got to see these wonderful yet somewhat exciting in a strange yet scary! It was an adventure for sure!  We made it back to the bus at the stroke of 3 and headed back to the hotel to get ready for our evening out....I will post later on how our evening goes!  So far....having a blast!

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  1. Well, we certainly got to see stuff that no one else on this tour saw. That's for sure. And did you forget the guy with the stiff tie and the three black statue people and the guy from Nigeria who got your phone number and the guys in the kilts??????