Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Quilternal Spark!

I have found that I get my best ideas in the mornings. For some reason that state that you are in right before you are fully awake and still in sleep mode is when I get my greatest ideas.  I have taken to keeping a zipper pouch of colored pencils, a tablet of graph paper and a note/sketchpad on my nightstand so that I can jot these early morning ideas down right when I have them.  If I don't do this, I tend to lose them somewhere never to be recovered because I move on to something else in my day and get distracted.

I imagine, or wonder should I say that other creative people have these same types of mental moments of creativity when that one thought gets into your mind and you just know that you are going somewhere with it. I think its interesting to know how other creative minds work. People with creative brains seem to me to be a whole breed unto themselves. I believe that they have many similar characteristics that set them apart and make them recognizable if you are paying attention.  Being creative is not just making something by following a pattern that someone has given you, oh no...that is just a hobby my friend. Being creative is creating something, making something your own, it has come to you out of your heart and soul and speak to you that it needs to be done. You have a need to release these ideas or energy and this is what makes you tick. It is your fuel, its own energy and gives you a "spark", it makes you passionate and you want to share that passion with others.  When you talk about your creativity you light up and people can see your passion and many wish that they could find this "spark" in themselves but its not something you can teach them.

I am happy that I have this "spark".  It drives me, it makes me happy, it allows me to be happy in other areas of my life because it fulfills me.  The one downside that I think I have from this is that I am an overthinker...I think all the time and sometimes you can overwhelm yourself with that. This is why I enjoy blogging and creating and lets be honest, talking! :)   I hope that my talking or blogging is enjoyable to others, but in the long run it matters not because for me it is a release of some of my creative energy, just another chance for me to vocalize myself about something that inspires me or motivates me. So in the end...all is good.  I am happy that I have my Quilternal Spark!

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