Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do you think heaven will be like Ireland?

As I reflect back on the past 10 days there are so many wonderful memories, images, scents and sounds that come to mind.  I do not remember ever having such a wonderful time while on vacation. Not one time did I even think about my work or worry about home and if everything was okay...it was "lovely" to know that my boys were taking care of things and that I could just enjoy myself.

~"Lovely" one of my most favorite Irish expressions that I picked up while there. Second favorite word was "Brilliant". Two such simple but expressive words that I heard again and again to describe many things...I am adding these to my vocabulary.

Ireland seemed to be such a happy country. Of course I was not reading the papers to see what I imagine would be stories of their political woes as well as their economic issues.  I did catch wind of these through some conversations though and it just made me realize that they are a country that is also experiencing the same troubles that we are. Going out and enjoying their culture and meeting these people you did not hear this grumbling though, what you experienced were open arms of individuals welcoming you into their lives as well as a generous and open heart to share with you what you might want to know about them, their personal experiences and to share a love of their country. The Irish people are kind and generous.

I am certain that my own personality and tendency to just walk up to strangers and start conversations or be inquisitive may have been shocking to some of my fellow travelers, but the Irish people did not seem to mind at all, they seemed to embrace this and welcome me into their lives...this made me so happy inside.  I went out of my way to meet strangers and learn about who they were, I met some of the most wonderful people this way.  I found the Irish people to be kind and welcoming and loved hearing the stories that they told me about their families, their jobs and their lives. I also tried my best to get to know a little bit about each of the ladies on our bus, to take the time to hear about who they were as individuals, what they did, where they were from and if I could to make them smile. I met some of the most wonderful ladies and hope that I will be able to continue my friendships with them. I tried my best to give out as much love as I could to everyone that I met while on this trip and that to me is a successful journey. :)  As I told Father John while discussing religion when I talked to him in Killarney, "its all about Love, and that is what should be the most important."   I saw him briefly before leaving Killarney and he smiled at me and said "Linda my dear, I will see you in heaven."  Do you think heaven will be like Ireland?  I am hoping that it will...

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  1. Oh, shoot....you made me cry! You captured it!!! Thanks for sharing it!!